Nothing like a little Accordion music


Myron Floren, Accordion Concert, Dot DLP 25315. 1960. “As featured on Lawrence Welk TV show” Sorry, but I just can’t get into Welk. It was such an anathema to my generation when we were kids and my grandparents watched it all the time that it’s only kitsch for me. Not that Polka or some accordion music every now and again is bad, I kinda like it. And this guy, has his own Wiki page! No discography though. For that, go here.


One thought on “Nothing like a little Accordion music

  1. oof.. I hated the Lawrence Welk show as a kid. Seemed like it was on every time I was at the grandparents! However.. nowadays, whenever it’s on TV, I have to stop and watch it for a few minutes for old times sake. (My old lady and kids complain the whole time)


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