John Wayne – America Why I Love Her

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John Wayne, America, Why I Love Her, RCA AFL1-3484, (formerly LSP-4828). 1973.

I, like John Wayne, love America. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, just that I love it.

John Wayne himself catches a lot of flack for his politics, and he did become somewhat cranky in his old age, but I plan to do that too. Just kidding! My sweet wife wouldn’t like that. Anyway, one thing his detractors always bring up is that he never did serve in the military. Wayne did try to join the Marines, and tried throughout the war, as now unclassified documents support. Something people may be unaware of is that he wasn’t a 20 year-old kid, he was 34, with 4 kids, and a bum shoulder.

Another criticism of Wayne is that he “always plays himself.” Like that’s a bad thing. Besides, some of the “best” actors fall into that category. Michael Caine and Jack Nicholson are among the critics darlings that “always play himself.”

Anyway, for Independence Day, America is one country that has enemies for being too free and whiners that claim we are fascist. I’m sure that if I was from some other country, I would love it also, but the United States is where people come for freedom and economic advancement.


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