1991 Cornerstone Festival T-shirt

Clothing, Music

Here’s my t-shirt from the 1991 Cornerstone Festival. This was the first year they were in Bushnell, IL. Before that they were closer to Chicago I believe. Poor Bushnell was overrun and unprepared. The music was great and the festival was lots of fun. Looking at the back of the shirt you can see some of the bands that were there. They had 3 stages going so you couldn’t see everyone.

Petra (probably the biggest name in Christian rock), Rez Band, Whiteheart, Mastedon (with guys from the band Kansas), Charlie Peacock (one of the most talented and an awesome producer of other acts as well), Whitecross (Hair Metal), Chagall Guevara (wish Steve Taylor and was on the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack) , Bloodgood (metal), David Mullen, Guardian, Edin-Adahl, One Bad Pig (the most awesome Christian punk), The Choir (as you know one of my favorites), Adam Again (another of my favorites), Jacob’s Trouble (excellent acoustic based rock. I wanted their song “She Smiles at the Future” at my wedding.), The Violet Burning, Rick Elias and the Confessions, Darrell Mansfield (blues harmonica player), The Throes, and many others. Over the Rhine was there also, but I don’t see them on the shirt. I think they were just getting started.

I may get around to posting more stuff from this trip. Here’s a youtube vid someone did.


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