Resurrection Band – DMZ

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DMZ, Resurrection Band, Light LP-5816, 1982.

Speaking of DMZ, I went to Joplin yesterday with the two oldest boys and did some work. It looks like an atom bomb went off. Flat. As I was driving I was a bit disoriented (which lots of people have said), looking around and trying to remember “What business used to be there?” “What was that building?” Not even enough left to recognize. And I didn’t even drive through the heart of it. Drove by one place where there were three sets of concrete stairs and no houses. Hardly any debris. Nothing except some tree limbs at the curb. Very odd looking. They haven’t cleaned up that much, no bulldozers yet, so all I can assume is the stuff just flew away, and hardly anything landed back in that spot. Donate to the Salvation Army, Red Cross, something. Give blood. It will be a long time before this mess is cleaned up, and I know other parts of the country have disasters also. I thought about what it would mean if my house was wiped out. It would mean the end of this blog, wouldn’t it? Some amazing stories of humanity, generosity, heroism, and sorrow. Sorry, I’m feeling a little somber today. Back to our regularly scheduled programing on Monday.


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