The Choir Wide Eyed Wonder T-Shirt

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The Choir  Wide Eyed Wonder

The Choir, Wide Eyed Wonder tour (1989-1990), with a picture of a band member’s Grandmother on the cover. They were on tour with Russ Taff. I posted this at Webshots a long time ago, then at some point, someone stole the picture and put it on Wikipedia with no credit, link back to my album, or anything. I know that’s a risk we all take, but I still hate it, especially since Wikipedia’s licensing says “I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the public domain..” So that means that once it’s there, people assume it’s public domain and whoever posted it was NOT the copyright holder. I sent them a message that I was the owner, but didn’t really see the “release” that my message implied. Anyway, on to some music:


6 thoughts on “The Choir Wide Eyed Wonder T-Shirt

  1. How about we split that number in half and I throw in a trade to make up the difference. I’d be willing to let go of some rediculously hard to find buttons by the Choir from their “Diamonds and Rain” and “Chase the Kangaroo” era as well as some impossible to find, vintage buttons by Undercover, Mylon Lefever and Broken Heart, Petra, Daniel Band and others. I’ll send pictures if you want.


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