Collecting is a Disorder of the Brain


Found this info at guitar forum, it points to Scienceagogo.

Collecting items can trigger obsessive-compulsive disorder

Whatever you collect – porcelain dolls, precious stones, shoes, thimbles, watches or fans – your hobby could easily become a psychological disorder…

The researchers, from Granada University, say that as long as collectors exercise some control, then “collecting items is good from a psychological point of view, as it helps in developing positive skills and attitudes such as perseverance, order, patience and memory.”

But Granada’s Francisca López Torrecillas warns that in the recent years, “a very significant increase has been observed of cases where uncontrolled collecting has caused obsessive-compulsive disorders.”

What if you’re only buying it to because it’s so cool you have to post it on your blog? But, what does it mean if you sold something that you suddenly wish you’d kept? You know you have to let stuff go, but which stuff? Is it significant if I regret selling it even if I didn’t need it? Even though I’ve only played guitar for 18 months, I know I needed the two acoustics, 3 electrics, and two amps that I’ve bought. No, I don’t suffer from anything. What about you?


6 thoughts on “Collecting is a Disorder of the Brain

    1. Well, first I got an acoustic. A red Squier that sounds really nice and came with a hardshell case, a stand, a tuner, and a beginners book all for $75. Also got a 3/4 size for the kids, but it’s a real piece of junk. Then I got a Squier stratocaster and a Roland Cube 15x amp. My second son traded me his Squier acoustic and some cash and bought them from me. Then I bought a Peavey Strat-style guitar and a Peavey Rage amp for $75. Sold them for $85 on Craigslist, but should have held out. Then I got an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra and I LOVE it. A Vox VT30 amp and a Fender G-DEC. Then my Dad gave me a junk acoustic from his antique store and I fixed it up and my oldest son bought it.


  1. Impressive, I always wondered about the Epi Les Pauls. I started with a Sears knockoff of the Gibson Hummingbird, then got a Fender Mustang one Christmas. Then I bought a Fender Twin reverb off a guy who wanted to buy a car. About 5 years later I traded the mustang on a new Telecaster. Beautiful guiter that sounded great through the Twin. A few years after that i bought an old SG from a guy who didn’t know what he had :). When the Twin Reverb stopped working, I got rid of the electrics and got a yamaha flat top, which really plays and sounds great. I don’t play hardly at all anymore. I really need to take that Twin Reverb apart and try to fix it.


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