The Greatest Album of All Time – U2 The Joshua Tree on Vinyl


U2, The Joshua Tree, Island Records, 90581, 1987.

I’ve been a U2 fan since War in 1983. I bought The Joshua Tree the day it came out and listened to it EVERY DAY for over a year; and weekly for probably two years after that. When I bought a CD player, this was one of the five CDs I bought that day.

I mentioned that I recently sold some albums. This was one of them. I really had to bite my lip to let it go (lip biting also occurred with Rattle and Hum). I have the CD, do I need the vinyl also? Dang, I don’t know. I can say that I got a fair price for it. But still…

Lat night I watched Classic Albums: U2: The Joshua Tree on Netflix Instant. It was interesting to see the producers and mixers and engineers get a say as they had a lot to do with the sound of the album. Especially Daniel Lanois. Just look at his production credits, you can see he has a sort of signature sound, like Phil Spector. If you like that sound, you need to check Robbie Robertson’s disk. Listening to it online from clips is a lousy way to hear his self-titled album. You need to sit down in the dark and soak it in as a whole, then you will be overwhelmed. Perhaps I’ll write a post on him sometime also.

Unfortunately the guy that bought my albums came over at night and my camera doesn’t like artificial light, so the pictures are substandard. So, now I’ve let my pants down, what’s your greatest album of all time?


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