Superman! The Musical!

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! By the Supermen. Selections from the new musical smash Superman. Spinorama, Premier Records Inc. S-175 stereo, M-175 hi-fi (AKA mono). 1966. This is pretty standard Broadway fare. I keep putting it in the “for sale” stack and my kids keep putting it in the “keep” stack.

From a now defunct blog called Mondo Daddykin, I have this info:

Hi. In 1966, the Man of Steel became a Broadway hit in “It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superman!” Actor Bob Holiday became the only man to play the comic book hero onstage, in a musical setting nonetheless! The play was written by David Newman and Robert Benton, who would later write for the Christopher Reeve “Superman” movies. Composer Charles Strouse (“Annie”) gave the stage musical an air of adventure with his dynamic score. The instrumental opening was very popular at the time, along with two of the play’s campy songs, “It’s Superman” and “You’ve Got Possibilities” (sung by Lois Lane to Clark Kent!) There was an official Broadway cast LP, which I do not have. I give you instead the cheap knockoff label Spinorama’s cash-in LP, which is even cooler in my opinion. Spinorama would license just enough rights to a popular character’s image and a taste of the real thing, and then fill out their records with their own house musicians performing related original material. In this case, the band is called The Supermen, and the music is…garage rock with a surf beat!! After the two licensed songs mentioned above (performed very well, by the way!), the Supermen kick out the jams with Ventures-style instrumentals named after Superman comic book imagery. You’ll recognize such icons as “Kryptonite” and “Fortress of Solitude.” My personal favorite is the “Bizarro Boogie” (Me am dancing!). Superman artist Wayne Boring provided the back cover art on the LP (included in the folder with the front cover as well). The pic you see here is one of my favorite Boring covers (which is anything but boring). Also in the folder are photos from the Broadway play. I threw in bonus tracks of the themes from the George Reeves TV series, the Max Fleischer cartoons from the ’40s, and the 1966 cartoon series, ending the CD with Charles Strouse’s super instrumental theme from the play. Enjoy! TRACK LISTING: 01. IT’S SUPERMAN, 02. YOU’VE GOT POSSIBILITIES, 03. MAN OF STEEL, 04. KRYPTONITE, 05. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, 06. MR. MXYZPTLK, 07. BIZARRO BOOGIE, 08. CURSE OF THE DOUBLE L, 09. CLARK KENT’S SECRET IDENTITY, 10. METROPOLIS BY NIGHT, 11. THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (1952 TV-THEME), 12. SUPERMAN- 1941 Max Fleischer Theme, 13. SUPERMAN-1966 TV-Cartoon Theme, 14. SUPERMAN- 1966 Broadway Theme.


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