More Reasons People Used to Read the Newspaper

In my previous post, I talked about what kinds of things one would find in the local paper, much of which is gone now as everything is nationalized. So, here are some more interesting tidbits saved by my Dad or his mother. I have no idea why.

Mary Minty reminisces over scrapbook, her family will be reunited soon. No doubt to look at her cool glasses.


Thunderbirds, local football heroes, Jim Griffith, Gerald Snyder, Eddie Lenkner, and Tim Chinn. Skyline High from the Tulsa Tribune? Wichita? Atlanta? Duluth? St. Louis? Where were we in 68? My dad’s job had us move around a lot. I wasn’t old enough to know where I was. Sept 6, 1968 in my mother’s handwriting.


Looks like we were in Duluth. Dale and Maxine Akervik.


My Grandfather had a heart attack and they used some newfangled equipment to get his heart going again. He lived about 10 more years. Gave me time to know him well enough to remember him.

CCI08192010_00000 CCF08192010_00015

My grandmother wrote a letter to the editor after doctors saved my grandfather’s life from a heart attack.


Now here’s something really interesting. Waikiki Beach Press from August 2-5, 1965. No one in my family has been to Hawaii that I know of. It’s not the whole paper, just a page from it. Sterling Mossman.

WaikikiBeachPressAug2-5of1965 (1) WaikikiBeachPressAug2-5of1965 (2) WaikikiBeachPressAug2-5of1965 (3)


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