Why People Used to Read the Newspaper

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Many years ago, people read these things called “newspapers” and they were delivered to the front door of almost every house in town. I know, I used to be a paperboy when I was 11-13. A kid can’t do that anymore, you know, something to earn money and gain responsibility and develop a work ethic. These are all newspaper clippings that were my Dad’s or his mother’s. I have no idea why some of them were kept. Anyway, we hear a lot nowadays about how newspaper circulation is shrinking, but do they have cool stuff like this in the papers?

Words and chords to current popular songs: “It Don’t Matter to Me” by David Gates, “Loving her was Easier” by Kris Kristofferson, and “Lookin’ out my Back Door” by John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival).


Anyone remember the way to cut out an article when no scissors are handy is to use an ink pen?


Profiles of local folks: Gordon K. Sturgeon serving in Vietnam.


Letters to Dear Abby praising the traveling man:


An Obituary for W. H. Johnson, 43, of Wichita, KS right below “Scantily Clad Woman Swallows 3 Rings, Bites Policeman” from the Wichita Eagle in 1956. I think this one was kept for what was on the other side, but this side is much more interesting.


Ah, what fun and serendipity, plus when you cut out an article, you got the bonus of whatever was on the other side for all posterity. Or at least until the paper crumbles.


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