Cool Vintage Decca Guitar

This was in a corner of a friend’s house. He said his dad had it out in the barn and it had gotten all wet so the electronics are shot. But… it’s one cool looking guitar in my opinion. It’s a Decca, which I think was made byTeisco. A really cheap brand, but at least it doesn’t’ look just like a Stratocaster. Here’s a link to some old Decca Guitar catalogs.

DSC00998 DSC00999 DSC01000 DSC01001 DSC01002 DSC01003 DSC01004


7 thoughts on “Cool Vintage Decca Guitar

  1. Yeah these Decca guitars were made by Teisco. Most Teiscos not that valuable, because nobody famous ever used them, and because even by the standards of old guitars they’re horrible to play. They ARE a lot of fun though, and with working electronics you can get some way-out sounds out of them!


  2. I tyeped in decca guitars and up came your site with the exact same guitar that i was just given.what year is is that decca guitar


  3. Thanks, Robert. The guitar that i just recived is in reall great shape. I love the style , and it puts out great sounds.If you know some one i could get any information, about this guitar . please fill free to E-mail me at


  4. @LesPaulGibson Try to find a local shop that does custom work. That way you could get that shape you want, AND have it made from higher-quality materials, getting a richer sound. If you are in the Portland Oregon area try CHW Guitars, out of McMinnville.


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