Interior Decorating Week #1

Architecture, Books
This week we have some scans from vintage interior decorating books. These are 4 books that I got from my local library. If you have a large library, especially a university library (they never get rid of stuff), then chances are you can find some great vintage books. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not destroy the books or steal them! Many college libraries will allow local community people to check out the books. Go through the proper channels and leave the material for our kids. /rant. Next week I should have some Ethan Allen catalogs.

First book is Decorating with Confidence by José Wilson and Arthur Leaman, A.I.D. Simon and Schuster, 1973. There are lots more photos than what I’ve scanned, and most of what I did scan was color. Some black and white was so amazing however, that I scanned them also. You may be able to find these books at eBay,, or Amazon.

Love the orange fridge. And how on earth do you get stripes to line up down the blinds?

Decorating With Confidence(2) (Large) Decorating With Confidence(3) (Large)

Love the top one here.

Decorating With Confidence(4) (Large) Decorating With Confidence(5) (Large)

Some of these are just ghastly.

Decorating With Confidence(6) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(7) (Large)

Notice the Plexiglas sofa on the left.

Decorating With Confidence(8) (Large)

Dig the bamboo bathroom! Think of the humidity and mold that would hide! Although in parts of the USA that wouldn’t be a problem, I guess.

Decorating With Confidence(9) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(10) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(11) (Large)

Can you believe it’s cardboard furniture? Wouldn’t this be a great idea to revive in these “green” days?

Decorating With Confidence(12) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(13) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(14) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(15) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(16) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(17) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(18) (Large)
Decorating With Confidence(19) (Large)


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