A Page From My Scrapbook

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I’ve always kept interesting looking things. Starting at the top left, a Coca-Cola sticker. Then a ZZ Top ticket stub from when I went to see them in Germany. A fantastic show. The official Levi’s tag, letting me know this pair of jeans wasn’t counterfit. That was a problem, perhaps still is. Then the Jack Daniels thing is off a wristwatch a roommate bought me when he was at the factory. A ticket stub from Monsters of Rock in Germany. The Scorpions were the headline act, and when the show was in England with the same lineup, Ozzy was the headline act. 1986. This was several years before I head of these concerts in America. I went to see Ratt on the very first show of the Out of the Cellar tour. Lawton, Oklahoma. What an odd place to kick off your tour. Then a drag race pit pass from 1980. I have no idea where this was, maybe Tulsa? Then Phantasialand which is a small amusement park in Germany. The lamest amusement park I’ve ever been to. The roller coaster was like a kiddie ride. It was very bizarre. Next is a ticket from the castle (schloss in German) Heidelberg. Heidelburg is far and away my favorite city in Germany. The castle is super cool, the bridge is beautiful, the walk-way cobblestone downtown area is great, the university is over 600 years old, see the t-shirt below. And lastly is a very interesting thing that came on a straw with a Coca-Cola in Germany, but looks like it should be Spain or Mexico with the Pique.

600 years Heidelberg University.


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