Really Pulp Paperbacks

Presenting post # four of five book posts of these books that are for sale in my library. Let me know if you want one, fifty cents plus shipping.


After Armageddon, America’s only hope will be Doomsday Warrior by Ryder Stacy. #7 in the series American Defiance. Actually, it’s American Defiance, #7 in the series Doomsday Warrior. Can you see how I’d get that wrong? Zebra publishers, 1986.


Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell. Popular Giant, G193, 1957? Another book that is not a pulp author, but the cover sure gives it a pulp feel. Orwell is one of the greats in English literature. His writing is incredible and he could write anything, novels, short stories, journalism, reviews, whatever. But, what the heck is “Aspidistra”?

DSC09813 DSC09814

Anyone Got a Match? by Max Shulman. Harper? 1964. This one is a hardback with the dust cover. Just kinda interesting artwork, thinks I.


The Poison Oracle by Peter Dickson. Panther 1974. Panther, is that like a cougar?


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