Books Never Cease to Amaze Me

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Book covers seem to be the retro blog zeitgeist right now. If you don’t believe in the zeitgeist you are just wrong. (spirit of the times, from the German Zeit=time, geist=spirit) It’s amazing how many times the same ideas or inventions are being worked at in total isolation from each other, just because there is something in the air that moves people in certain directions. Anyway…

These are some books that are for sale at my library. They are fifty cents, plus shipping if anyone wants one, I’ll send it so you. These are books that people donated to the library, but for whatever reason, they aren’t added to the collection. Mostly, we don’t add paperbacks. At least not pulp paperbacks.


A Kind of Justice by Benjamin Siegel, Avon G-1121. 1960. Nice legs dude.


Miscalculated Risk by Jenny McDonnell. A Kim Aldrich Mystery. Witman books, 1972. I like the cover. A woman in danger.


The Virgin and the Gypsy by D. H. Lawrence (not to be confused with T. E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia). Avon. 1946. Lawrence wasn’t a pulp writer, but this cover gives the book a very pulp like look.

DSC09798 DSC09799

Where It’s At by Garson Kanin. Signet, 1969. “The Generation Gap grooves when a sexy swinger gives his post-graduate son a lesson in love – Vegas style.” “Now a wild and winning United Artists motion picture.” The movie stars David Janssen (TV’s The Fugitive) and Brenda Vacarro. Not available in VHS or DVD that I know of.

Stay Tuned! More to come!


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