1940s Laymon’s Aspirin and No-Sleep Pills

Prints and Lithography
2010 March 142 2010 March 143

The Laymon’s 5 grain Aspirin is labeled 1940. The Laymon’s No-Sleep doesn’t have a date but is about the same time. I wouldn’t recommend actually taking these pills now. The guy on the aspirin looks accurate for a headache. I like the photo on the classic No-Sleep pills display.


10 thoughts on “1940s Laymon’s Aspirin and No-Sleep Pills

  1. I have a no-sleep tin original from my great-grandfathers warbag. He was a para-trooper and I can almost guarantee it jumped out of at least one plane with him. Black and red six tablet tin. For sale.


  2. Yeah, actually, I have a ton of war stuff that he left me. The tin even has three of the original tablets. He gave it to my grandfather, my grandpa died and all of his war stuff was entitled to me. Love for history 😀 guess he loved that he had someone that loved his stories.


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