My First Award!


I’ve won my first award! The One Lovely Blog Award. My wife thinks it’s very beautiful. Gilligan at Retrospace awarded me, so a big thanks. I’m not following as many blogs as I used to, so I’m sure some great ones are being missed. I guess I’m supposed to pick 10 blogs that haven’t already won. And the winners are to do the same. It’s too bad that I can’t pick a website, because one of the most wonderful sites on the web for fellow retrohounds is Wes Clark’s Avocado Memories. You HAVE to check out his huge site that Wes has been working on since 1996. All the sites in my Cool Cats section on the left sidebar are quality sites. I have rather odd tastes that no one seems to be able to figure out. But here are the award winners:

I’m surprised I don’t have more movie or music specific blogs, but there you have it.

This seems like a good time to give a little personal and blog info. I had planned on reviewing most older movies I watch, but I just couldn’t keep up. Short takes: Le Mans, Steve McQueen drives a race car without a plot. To Be Or Not To Be, a comedy set in 1939 Poland? Niagara, Marylin Monroe is hot.

The last few years have been stressful (not always bad, but busy and stressful) and this blog is a kind of way to keep my mind on other things. Also, my 12- and 14-year-olds wanted to learn guitar and I’ve started learning with them since summer. Being the kind of guy I am, I immediately bought 4 guitars and 4 amps. The younger two might pick guitar up later, but the youngest wants to play drums. Doesn’t that sound stereotypical? The youngest wants the loudest instrument? The 14 year old moved over to banjo, but still messes with guitars. I’ve found playing the guitar in the evening very relaxing and, really, a blast. But I don’t get any writing done (hence no reviews). I also don’t listen to music as much. But, hey, I’m making my own. Sort of. If you can call it music.

My Record Collection

I’ve been organizing my albums. I’ve had a few requests for some and I couldn’t put my hands on them. They were scattered between two closets and the living room. We are at 748 with A-Z. We still have compilations, children’s, Christmas, and movie and Broadway soundtracks. It will end up at around 1000 albums. (Update: the final is 912) This doesn’t include the 400 or so 45s and 30 or so 78s. Please people, I’ve got a wife, 4 boys, a homeschool, a 4-year-old my wife watches for a friend, a dog, and a cat, and all my junk in an 1800 sq. ft. 3 bedroom house. EVERYTHING’S FOR SALE! I’ll post a spreadsheet with all the records soon. (UPDATE: Look in the Pages section on the right sidebar)

Here’s a question, what can I do to get more comments? I’m not a comment-hound, but I see others who don’t post much more than a picture and some basic text, but they get comments on every post. Perhaps they are more focused in their topic, or they have a larger following, I’m not sure. Perhaps I should reply to every comment, but just saying, “Yeah, I know” sounds repetitive. Certainly, I want to thank all that do comment.

5 thoughts on “My First Award!

  1. Thanks for listing Spy Vibe and being a regular to our Lair 🙂

    And have fun playing music! I’ve played and taught blues guitar for many years, and there’s nothing like jamming away to your own sound with family & friends. If you end up with a link to your record list, btw, I’ll post it on Spy Vibe.


    Latest on Spy Vibe: Spy Vibe turns one and is giving away prizes!


  2. Thank you for the honor Robert. And you are right- I don’t post often enough. In fact I just read your comment and realized you chose me for this award. I give you my thanks again and will work on honing down my own list of ten and publish in the next day or so.


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