Parchment – Shamblejam

Shamblejam (1)

Parchment, Shamblejam, Myrrh MSA 6551. 1975.

This is one really, really, good Jesus Music album. Kinda folky with some bluesy psychedelia thrown in. I’m really impressed at the musicianship and songwriting skills. Though some are a puzzle to me.

“I’m a daughter of the Earth, planted virgin at my birth”…”But before I could believe, my own spirit was conceived, so the heart of my virginity is you.”

What does that mean? Listen to the song Green Psalm. And it’s a bit odd to see Stonehenge on a Christian record company label. I thought that was for Druids and pagans and such. Perhaps not.

There is a link to a rip of the album at Rockin’ Hood. Just beware that that site will start blasting music at you. You can stop it, but it’s loud and can catch you by surprise. I wish people wouldn’t do that. They just posted another Parchment record a few days ago.


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