Jubilation! – 20 Songs 20 Artists

Jubilation (1)

Jubilation! double albums set, Songs of Praise and Worship. Myrrh, MST-6555, 1975. A late entry to Jesus Music. From the back side: “let’s consider this Jesus Music’s first “Oldies but Goodies” album!”

Acts include Barry McGuire (of “Eve of Destruction” fame), Lamb, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Randy Matthews, Malcolm & Alwyn, Aleksander John, Love Song, Ray Hildebrand, Sonlight Orchestra, Larry Norman (the big daddy of Christian Rock), J.C. Power Outlet (what the heck?), Chuck Girard, Honeytree (I kinda like that name), Evie, Marijohn, Walt Mills, The Pat Terry Group, Petra (the big daddy of Christian Rock groups), Parchment (another good name), and Ken Medema.

If you like this kinda stuff check out The Ancient Star-Song and Heavenly Grooves.

Not the song on the disk, but one of his most popular.


4 thoughts on “Jubilation! – 20 Songs 20 Artists

    1. 1975 is why it’s “Oldies but Goodies.” The Randy Matthews, HA! I hadn’t thought of that. We are aware of that meaning of randy, but I don’t think it’s as commonly used in the US as the UK.


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