Vintage Pizza Hut “Pete” Place Mat from 1973

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Pizza Hut Placemat
Pizza Hut Placemat
Pizza Hut Placemat
Pizza Hut Placemat

How in the world I’ve been able to keep this Pizza Hut paper place mat in this great condition from my childhood I’ll never know. It’s no wonder I kept it though. Look at the cool art work, the trivia questions on the back, and the big-haired big-boobed blond. Pizza Hut Pete is cool, why don’t business just have fun logos anymore?

Notice how much fun these people are having eating pizza. It’s like they haven’t eaten in days and now they are giddy and delirious.

This is certainly one of the most unique items in my collection. I mean, how many of these do you think there still are? I should stick this on eBay.

Now to the trivia questions.

    Adult Trivia, I expect all readers of this blog to get #13, and all Americans should get #9. How many of you could answer #12 before a recent movie came out?:

  • 1. Who played Bat Masterson on the TV Series?
  • 2. Who played Babe Ruth in The Babe Ruth Story?
  • 3. Who was the only survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn?
  • 4. What is the longest bridge in the world?
  • 5. Who ran against Woodrow Wilson for the Presidency in 1912?
  • 6. Who has won the most Baseball Pennants in the National League?
  • 7. When did the reign of Queen Elizabeth II Start?
  • 8. Who has won the Indianapolis 500 more times than any other driver?
  • 9. What are the first seven words of the Declaration of Independence?
  • 10. What is the third best hand in poker?
  • 11. What show had a peanut gallery?
  • 12. Who shot Jesse James?
  • 13. What was the name of Jed Clampett‘s banker?
    Children’s Trivia, I hope everyone can get all of these, but #8 stumped me.

  • 1. Name one of Donald Duck‘s nephews.
  • 2. What are Uncle Remus’s Stories about?
  • 3. Mr. Spock is a character in what TV series?
  • 4. Who plays Geraldine?
  • 5. Who chases the Road Runner?
  • 6. What TV series does Big Bird star in?
  • 7. Who was the first U.S. astronaut to fly in space?
  • 8. Name the three brothers in the TV series The Partridge Family.
  • 9. What Starr plays the drums?

Answers in the next post!


18 thoughts on “Vintage Pizza Hut “Pete” Place Mat from 1973

    1. Keith, I’ve always been a “keeper” so I just put this in a box with a bunch of other papers.

      Amy, some restaurants have mats sort of similar to this today, but they are only for kids and just for coloring on, no trivia or anything interesting to anyone above age 5.


  1. This i sjust an off-the-wall comment I’m putting here because I don’t know of anywhere else it would fit in.

    I used to have a “Magic 8 Ball” from around the late 60’s or so. For some strange reason, I decided to buy one – as a joke – to put on my desk. I am thoroughly appalled at the obvious lack of quality these toys now have: cheesy plastic, the indicator has to be tapped 2-3 times to make it float on the proper angle for a readable response….I really miss my original!
    .-= Miss Parker´s last blog ..80’s Music Rules ~ Criminally Underrated Artists/ Bands ~ The Dolphin Brothers =-.


    1. MissP, Right you are! The quality of toys we used to have weren’t the quality of toys in the 50s and prior, but what they have now is absolute junk. A couple weeks with kids and then the landfill. A big waste if you ask me. I’d rather pay more, have less, and have better quality.


  2. Dude.. THAT is awesome!!! LOVE the retro looking cartoons and illustrations! SOMEWHERE… I have some old Pizza Hut place mats from 1977, which feature The Denver Broncos Defensive line (The Orange Crush) Pizza Hut was great back in the day!!


  3. I worked at Pizza Hut in the mid 1970s. I remember these mats very well. I used to have a beer glass and ashtray with Pizza Hut Pete on them, but I lost them in a hurricane.

    I stumbled on this site while looking for a phonograph record of Rich Little advertisements for PH. If anybody knows where I can find one I’d love to have the information.


  4. Robert,

    I had an album with Little doing several celebrity voices advertising for Pizza Hut. I made the mistake of letting an employee borrow it. He left town the next day and I never saw it, or him, again.


  5. I have a copy of the Pizza Hut Theme song by Rich Little on 45. I haven’t found any information on it anywhere, I even contacted Pizza Hut directly. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


  6. The song is the same on both sides, even though the B-side is listed as “Something you can’t get.” It’s the same song. I do have a digital recording of it.


  7. Pizza Hut gives you somethin’
    Somethin’ that you’ve been wantin’
    Somethin’ you can’t get just any place.

    I believe Little was singing as Bing Crosby. If you sent me a digital recording I would be forever in your debt.


  8. Dug,

    The album I had contained several spots with Little doing several celebrity voices. Most, if not all, ended with “Somethin’ you can’t get…” theme.


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