O-So Grape Soda Bottle

Glassware, Soda Pop
O-So grape 95
O-So Grape 96


O-So Good! O-So Grape Soda ACL Bottle. Bottled in Wichita, Kansas. I should have used something besides a white background here.

12 thoughts on “O-So Grape Soda Bottle

  1. I’m looking for information on an O-So-Grape bottled in Spokane Washington. I can’t find anything. If you could help i would appreciate any info you could give.


  2. Does it make it any more or less derirable being bottled in spokane? What’s it worth? What happened to the Spokane bottling company? They don’t seem to carry any info on their past.


  3. found an O-so good empty bottle (grape). it does not mention ounces, however this was bottled in Nashville TN. Any idea of the year this was produced. I know it is not worth much, however, this might have been let in my attic by the builder. Just VERY curious. Help!!


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