Maxwell House Coffee Cup

Maxwell House0
Maxwell House1

A coffee cup that advertises coffee! What an idea! Maxwell House was a restaurant and hotel down in Nashville, Tennessee. They had Joel Cheek roast the coffee locally and it was very popular. The phrase “Good to the last drop” was said by Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt when he ate there and drank the coffee. Of course, a President of the United States spontaneously endorsing your product is a great marketing tool.


6 thoughts on “Maxwell House Coffee Cup

  1. This is really cool about the coffee mugs. I have 3 of them and I know that my parents bought them back in the 1970’s. Not exactly sure when but I remember them drinking coffee from them and we also have been using them. I can’t believe they haven’t been broken because they have been around a long time and have been even put in a dishwasher thousands of times. Yours look to be in better condition overall. Thanks for posting the photos. I hope you sell them because even I was wondering if they were worth anything!


  2. There’s not bad! I don’t mind using the few we have because it brings back old memories I had of my parents drinking from them. (My parents have passed away.) I only hope we don’t break them. The handles are what I figure would break the easiest. I have so much old stuff in the house from many years ago including an old Lionel train set I got for Christmas when I was 6 years old. (1968). It looks great and even works! Hard to part with some things unless they were really worth something. I’d be a good candidate for American Pickers! ha ha Thank’s for getting back with this comment!


  3. My husband and I would like to purchase at least two Maxwell House coffee mugs. We stayed at the Maxwell House in Nashville a couple of years ago and could not find any Maxwell House mugs. Since Maxwell is our last name we thought it would be special to have the Maxwell House mugs.


  4. I wish I could help you out Vivian with the coffee mugs but they hold sentimental value for me plus they really aren’t worth much to part with. Mine aren’t as perfect as the one Robert posted. Mine have a few scratches from being used but overall considering they are in good shape. If I find any around that I didn’t know about that was stored away in my basement I will let you know. I think they are really cool to have also for some reason. I remember the commercials from the 1970’s and the slogan, “Good to the last drop!”.. Wish they’d bring back the older look!


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