KIST Beverages ACL Bottle

Glassware, Soda Pop
Krist Soda10
Krist Soda11

7 ounce KIST Soda bottle. I wonder why 7 ounce was such a popular size? Probably from the 1940s.

This one was bottled in Independence, Kansas, where I went to junior high (it became “middle school” while I was in high school) and high school. A nice town of about 10,000 people and some very very nice old houses. Indy (as we called it) had quite a bit of oil and is only 20 miles from Oklahoma. Sinclair from Sinclair Oil (you know, with the dinosaur on the logo) lived there and Independence at one time had more millionaires per capita than anywhere in the US due to the oil boom. Of course, all that was long gone by the time I got there, but many of the houses still stand.

The wife and I had a good time at my conference in Chicago (she stayed at the hotel during the day without any kids and read and swam and relaxed). It seems my auto post worked. I’m still catching up so I’ll be back to regular posting and commenting on Monday.

11 thoughts on “KIST Beverages ACL Bottle

  1. I have a king kist beverage bottle, it says citrus products on the back. Do you know what color the beverage was that went in it? I would SOOOO appreciate knowing as I am using it in a photoshoot and would like to be authentic


  2. I have a King Kist beverage bottle and it has citrus products on the back. I was wondering if you knew what color the beverage was in it. I am using it in a photo shoot and I’d like to be authentic.


    1. Lisa, They had a variety of flavors, grapefruit, root beer, punch, orange, black cherry, grape, pineapple, and I think the bottle top is what told you the flavor, so you can probably get away with several colors.


  3. I have a KIST orange drink mirror. 12 x 14 inch. has a picture of the kist drink and the big red lips on it with KIST in white letters on the lips.

    just curious to know if it’s valuable and if so, what it might be worth. It came from my Dad’s corner grocery and he’s been out of that business 50 years so I know it’s that old. I look forward to hearning from someone.


    1. G.W., I would love to see a picture of that mirror! It looks like a few have sold on eBay recently for between $20 and $30. Of course a lot price has to do with quality. If yours is in fantastic shape I bet you could get double that.


  4. I have a 1970 12 FL. OZ. Root Beer Kist can that was canned by Southern Beverage Packers Inc., Augusta, Georgia. I have tried looking it up but could not find anything about it and no other can that looks like it does anyone know if it is rare or worth anything?


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