Kings of the Steel Guitar

Kings of Steel Guitar190
Kings of Steel Guitar191

Kings of the Steel Guitar. Design Records SDLP-627. Pete Wade, Leon McAuliff, Herb Remington, Jenks Carmen.

My wife is a big fan of steel guitar. She just loves it.

I’m going to be gone for a few days and am trying autoposting. Go ahead and comment and I’ll check on it all when I get back.


4 thoughts on “Kings of the Steel Guitar

  1. steel guitar.

    two out-of-print LP’s that need to have a download link/torrent are:
    (1) Steel Guitar Hall of Fame (Starday) and (2) The Magic Guitars of Frank
    Sorrell (Coral)


  2. steel guitar.

    Correction for item 2: Should have been “The Magic Sounds of Frank Sorrell and His Four Guitars”.

    Just now saw a $5 vinyl copy on eBay!


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