How to Take Photos for eBay or Your Photo Blog

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I thought I’d do a post on how to get the best photos you can to make your items most attractive. I see horrible pictures on eBay all the time. Why don’t people realize how much this affects which items people bid on and which items go for more money?

Next to a decent camera, lighting can make the biggest difference. Scanning is probably the best, but not everyone has the time to scan everything they want to post. A good album to use for demonstration is appropriately named Contrasts, by Erroll Garner.

Erroll Garnerfront304 Erroll Garnerfront366

Both these photos are untouched except for cropping and my logo, which you can’t see because it’s red. The first picture was taken inside under a compact florescant bulb. The second was taken out in bright sunlight, that’s the only difference. However, some photos work better taken in the shade, like a porch, on a sunny day instead of in direct sunlight. For an even starker contrast, let’s look at the back side.

Erroll Garnerbak305 Erroll Garnerback367

The one taken in the sunlight obviously has blue tinted photos which you would not know if you only saw the one taken inside. Now here’s a look at the Eddie Heywood album I posted yesterday.

heywoodfr300 Heywoodfr361

Small photos on eBay are a big annoyance. Here I am, trusting you, who I don’t know, to be selling me merchandise, that I can’t see. And my vision is still in the neighborhood of 20/20. If it annoys me enough, I’ll wait for a garage sale. You should at least provide links to larger photos. Yes, I’m aware of people still on dial-up, I’m on dial-up at home myself. There are ways to make the file size smaller however, someone called Knowledge Hound (no relation) has info on resizing pictures. I hope this little lesson has helped. I’ve wanted to do it for no other reason than to use the yellow photos I’ve taken.

Ferrante Teicher themesfr296 Ferrante Teicher themesfr376 Ferrante Teicher themessleeve299 Ferrante Teicher themessleeve377 Nelson Riddle Joyfr310Nelson Riddle Joyfr374 Nelson Riddle Joy312


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6 thoughts on “How to Take Photos for eBay or Your Photo Blog

  1. I agree. I hate looking on ebay or Flickr and seeing albums with a big bright glare from a flash obscuring the cover art. I personally scan my album covers and it doesn’t seem to take any longer than snapping a picture.


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