Archie’s Gang Jelly Glasses

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Jelly Glasses (2)
Jelly Glasses (3)
Jelly Glasses (4)
Jelly Glasses (5)

These Archie’s Gang juice glasses were jelly jars in 1973. We couldn’t talk Mom into buying these very often as they were more expensive than the generic jelly. (But Mom! You get a glass too!) I’ve got a few examples of jelly jars/ juice glasses I’ll post in the next few days. She had 4 Archie glasses, but one got broke somewhere along the way. She doesn’t worry about it too much, the grandkids love using them so she just lets them use them and takes it in stride if one breaks. That’s my family: making your collectibles even more rare and valuable.

These particular glasses feature Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Betty and Veronica, with Mr. Weatherbee thrown in for good measure and Hot Dog on the bottom of one (and helping push the car too!). They are a little hard to photograph with the story going around the glass like they do, but you get the gist of what’s going on.

I remember Archie’s Gang from the TV cartoon show (anyone else remember that?), but soon discovered the Spire Comics version and had several of those as well, though I don’t seem to have them anymore.


7 thoughts on “Archie’s Gang Jelly Glasses

  1. My Grammie had the red Archie jelly glass with the painting mishap. I always looked forward to eating lunch at her house so I could drink out of it. Thanks for that bit of nostalgia in my otherwise hectic day.


    1. Well, eBay is always an option, ( for you area will let you list them for free. List them under “collectibles.” You can take them to a store like an antique store, but be aware that a seller has to sell them at a profit to stay in business, so he can’t give top dollar. But that can still be a good way to get rid of them quickly and easily and you may still get a good price.


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