Daniel Amos – Shotgun Angel

Daniel Amos235
Daniel Amos236
Daniel Amos237
Daniel Amos Shotgun Angel
Daniel Amos Shotgun254

Daniel Amos. Daniel Amos. Maranantha Records HS 777-24. 1976.

Daniel Amos. Shotgun Angel. Maranantha Records HS 082. 1977.

Isn’t Shotgun Angel a great name? I like the cover a lot too. Daniel Amos (DA) was one of those rare species, a 1970s Christian rock band that sounded good. These albums were collected and taped and traded like mad in the mid 1980s when I first discovered DA. All the older albums were out-of-print, and they still fetch decent prices on eBay. I just sold a CD of one of his brain children called the Swirling Eddies for $40.

The leader of the band, Terry Scott Taylor, has done lots of different things, and is still active in making music. Personally, his voice is annoying, but a lot of people like it. The closest I can think of is the Smashing Pumpkins guy, but that isn’t exactly right. He sounds a lot better on these old albums though.

One of the things that seperates Taylor and a very few others in Christian music is that they do more than just praise music, they deal with the realities of this messy life on Earth. So their lyrics can be too secular for the Christian market and too Christian for the secular market. Thus, they toil in limbo with a small, vehemently devoted fan base.

Taylor also has done work with a group called The Lost Dogs. The Lost Dogs is a Christian supergroup if you will. A Christian alt-country supergroup. Sort of. Members of The Choir, Adam Again, and The 77s are in this group. While they generally fall under the label of “alternative rock,” The Choir and Adam Again are two of the best bands ever of any genre. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Look at the Wiki page on Daniel Amos and from there you can go to the MySpace page which has some songs you can hear. My computer keeps saying I need flash player, but when I download it I still get the same message, so I don’t know what songs they have there on MySpace. I hope I’ve opened up some new music possibilities for you.


2 thoughts on “Daniel Amos – Shotgun Angel

  1. They sound pretty cool. My parents always had a lot of Christian music along with secular music in their record collection when I was growing up. I don’t remember this band though. They sound interesting.


  2. Those are exactly the two CDs I am looking for since months… Once had them but unfortunately gave them away and didn’t get back. 😦

    Great music, indeed!!!


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