Love Crazy (1941) Movie Review

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Who says there’s no sex in old movies? Only people who don’t watch them. Love Crazy
begins with a very happily married Stephen Ireland (William Powell) on his anniversary. He and Susan Ireland (Myrna Loy) have a tradition of walking and rowing and a midnight dinner for their anniversary before turning in for the night, but in a scene where you can feel the sexual tension, Powell wants to have the evening backwards (you know why). They begin the evening by turning out the lights in the bedroom(!), but before anything interesting happens, her bossy mother stops by (Florence Bates). Mrs. Cooper can’t imaging they’d be anything but happy to see her on their anniversary and she invites herself to dinner. It takes a person of no imagination and an unhappy marriage to think that way.

love-crazy-1941 Powel Loy

When Mrs. Cooper is finally ready to go, she falls and sprains her ankle. This means that Susan must go pick up her aunt at a distant train station, which should take about 3 hours while Steve “cares” for his mother-in-law. An old flame (Gail Patrick) has moved in downstairs and he talks to her while getting some air on the balcony. Steve tells her to call him and he’ll act like it’s a business call so he can get away. Unfortunately, Mrs. Cooper overhears and tells the wife.


After a few more hilarious misunderstandings, Susan decides she should divorce Steve because she can’t trust him. To postpone the divorce proceedings, Steve acts insane. Unfortunately, this works too well, and even though Susan doesn’t believe he’s crazy, she has him committed to a sanitarium to teach him a lesson. He spends the rest of the movie trying to get back with his estranged wife while proving he isn’t crazy. He even dresses as a woman to get to his wife.


William Powell and Myrna Loy are simply fantastic together and the sexual tension is very palpable. The comedy is zany but well grounded. The supporting cast is great. Love Crazy is recommended for everyone who loves old screwball comedies.

Love Crazy. Directed by Jack Conway, written by David Hertz (story) and William Ludwig (story), William Ludwig (screenplay), Charles Lederer (screenplay), and David Hertz (screenplay). Starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Gail Patrick, Jack Carson. 99 minutes. 1941.


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