B-1 Lemon Lime Soda Pop Bottle

Glassware, Soda Pop
B1 soda30
B1 soad32
B1 soad31
B1 soda33

B-1 Lemon Lime Soda. 7 oz. “Contains vitamin B1.” This bottle is from around 1940. The stuff on the bottom of the bottle tells those who know where the bottle was made, when and stuff like that. I just threw in the pic of the top of the bottle because I like the sharp focus at the closest point with a slight blurring of the background. But that’s just me.


14 thoughts on “B-1 Lemon Lime Soda Pop Bottle

  1. This is probably the original lemon-lime soda pop developed sometime in then early 1940’s. The soda was somewhat strong, slightly bitter flavor with a punch. All others came later such as 7up were milder. This from a 73 year old Marine


  2. found this bootle at work today, made in hattiesburg MS. many more bottles were found such as several coke bottles, seven up, milk jugs, wiskey bottles, and more. no one seems to know anything about this bottle, so i wanted to research it. thanks for your help.


  3. My grand daughter found one of these bottles in a creek bottom. Its in very good condition. She want to know what the value is? Please let us know. Thanks


  4. Hi I have a b 1 green bottle still caped. On the bottom isG 286 1 a circle with a 1 in it 62 3 ccan you tell me the value of this. Thank you.


  5. Hi, I am 64 and must have drink hundreds of b 1 as a kid growing up in southern Indiana. Loved them. I remember them being strong and very fizzy, but not bitter. Great limon lime taste that beats anything around today.


  6. My friend has a 1940 b-1 bottle. It says it was bottled in Moberly Mo by the Dr. Pepper company. Just wondering how much it was worth????


  7. I have a b1 lemon limw bottle it says is bottled by J.vogel and sons in Evansville just waned o know if its worth anything


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