Some Old 45s and Picture Sleeves


Some of my Dad’s old 45s. The picture sleeves alone are worth about $10 or more in addition to the value of the record according Goldmine Standard Catalog Of American Records, 1950-1975(of course it varies according to sleeve and condition). And yes, I have a record player.

Kathy Young with The Innocents. Happy Birthday Blues b/w Someone to Love. Indigo Records, IND 115. 1961. “Quality controlled sound.” Whatever that means. Looks like Ms. Young wrote Someone to Love. The back side advertises The Innocents first album Innocently Yours IND LP503.

Johnny Burnette’s Hits EP. Liberty LSX 1011. 1961. His biggest hit, You’re Sixteen, everyone should know. “You’re sixteen, you’re beautiful, and you’re mine!”

Jack Scott is somewhat collectible as rockabilly I believe. Oh, Little One b/w Burning Bridges. Top Rank International Records RA-2041. 1960.

Johnny Preston. Willy Walk b/w I Feel Good. (well, wouldn’t you feel good after a willy walk?) Mercury Records 71803. 1961.

Next post…ELVIS!


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