Elvis Presley 45s with Picture Sleeves

A few of my dad’s Elvis singles with picture sleeves to check out.


Elvis Presley, Are You Lonesome Tonight? b/w I Gotta Know. Together they make a complete pick-up line. RCA Victor 47-7810. 1960.


Good Luck Charm b/w Anything That’s Part of You. Yes, any part will become my good luck charm; but do I get a choice?. RCA Victor 47-7992. 1962.



The Real Elvis, 45 EP. RCA Victor EPA-5120. 1959. This one is a cardboard cover, like a full-size album has. It has 4 songs on it: Don’t be Cruel; I Want You, I Need You, I Love You; Hound Dog; and My Baby Left Me (“My baby even left me, never said a word”). If you don’t recognize that one, you aren’t a big Elvis fan. The Goldmine Standard Catalog Of American Records, 1950-1975claims this 45 record with black label and dog on top is worth $150 or more! Any takers?



Elvis Presley “released by popular demand” Blue Hawaii b/w a “Twist Special” Rock-a-Hula Baby. RCA Victor 47-7968. 1961.

More Elvis tomorrow!


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