The Premier Issue of Snoopy Magazine!

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The very first issue of Snoopy Magazine. Winter 1988. Apparently there is Spring and Fall 1988 issues also. I don’t know if there were any more. You can see the coloring on several pages, that’s what I get for having younger siblings. See if I ever do that again.

I used to really be into Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang. I heard an interview with Charles Schultz and he said the syndicate gave the comic strip the name Peanuts. He would have named it Snoopy or Charlie Brown or something pretty plain. He said as the strip developed that Snoopy would have been the perfect name for it.

I really related to Charlie Brown, the loser. But I didn’t care for his shirt. I was once working on an article for publication where I tried to develop the Charlie Brown – Generation X connection. Feel free to steal that idea, or if it’s been done, please let me know ’cause I want to read it. Why doesn’t Amazon DVDshave a complete collection all in one box?

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