Old Fasioned Chalkware-Plaster Bank of a Drill Sergeant

Sarge Bank 196
Sarge Bank 197
Sarge Bank 198
Sarge Bank 199

These plaster chalkware banks were real popular for a long time. One would put money in the bank, and when something important happened, you would “break the bank.” As in “Time to break the bank,” or “That’s gonna break the bank.” Though generically referred to as “piggy banks,” they were made into all kinds of characters. This one is a drill sergeant or at least a First Sergeant by his rank. I’ve always just called him “Sarge.” I have some pretty interesting coins in him (at least they were interesting to me as a kid), but am unwilling to break him to get them out. You can see I tried to carve his head off, and I’ve tried carving a big hole in the bottom with my pocket knife. Even though there are some pretty serious cracks, he’s still not come open. I have no idea how I ever got him, but I’ve had him as long as I can remember. Hope you like him. I sure do.


4 thoughts on “Old Fasioned Chalkware-Plaster Bank of a Drill Sergeant

  1. Hello! I have one of these fancy Drill sergeants as well ^_^ I don’t want to break him, because I am afraid he may be valuable… Do you know how much they are worth? I’ve looked everywhere online, and this is the only topic I’ve found on him >.<


    1. I don’t really know what it’s worth, but my guess would be between $10 and $20. The better the condition, the better the price. Mine has some significant chips out of it, so it’s probably less then half what a mint condition bank would go for.


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