Record Album Inner Sleeves promote a Full Throated Sound!

Records jacket9


As I’ve said before, I love inner sleeve jackets of albums, I don’t know why. Just the glimpse into what the record companies thought was important to advertise. The 1st one is for “Mercury Full Throated Fully Transistorized Portable Phongraphs” AG 4000, AG 4126, AG 9124. Next ones advertise the fabulous Brook Benton, the Smothers Brothers, Leslie Gore, Johnny Mathis, Chad Mitchell Trio, and the fabulous Sarah Vaughn. The other has Freddie and the Dreamers instead of Brook Benton. The last one is for Warner/Reprise Loss Leaders.

Warner Reprise Loss Leaders are full stereo, double albums in deluxe packaging. Each double album ($2 for two records) averages about 28 selections from the artists latest work, plus some extra collectors items (such as unreleased singles). You can’t buy Loss Leaders in stores, they are only available by mail.


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