SuperMag Kids Magazine from the 1970s

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Like Dynamite Magazine, SuperMag was for kids in the late 1970s. It was much smaller, but on glossy paper. These are from my childhood, the first one looks like “What’s Happening” and some Kristy McNicol show, then “The Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Mysteries”, Fonzie and Pinkie from “Happy Days”, Cheryl Ladd from “Charlie’s Angels”, Shaun Cassidy, Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, and “Welcome Back Kotter.” The two without covers one is Charlie’s Angels (I probably tore off the cover and hung it on my wall) and I can’t tell what the other is, but I bet the it met the same fate. There really doesn’t seem to be much information about SuperMag out on the Web. Wikipedia doesn’t even have a stub! eBay has several though. UPDATE: I just found this site that has a compete listing of SuperMags.


8 thoughts on “SuperMag Kids Magazine from the 1970s

  1. I’d forgotten about these. They were pretty popular, so I’m surprised they’ve fallen off the map, unlike Dynamite.

    I’ve got four kids, and I don’t think there’s anything like these 70s kids mags anymore – just fun pop culture entertainment for kids.


  2. Those are really cool. I’m not sure that I remember this particular magazine though.

    Oh yeah. I just did a post about when I plan to return to blogging. I hope you’ll check it out. Thanks.


    1. Keith, I have you in my Bloglines, so I will always see any new posts you do. You don’t have to post everyday you know. Just a few times a week, then you won’t feel so overwhelmed with it.

      Gilligan, I’ve got 4 kids too. All boys. I’m not aware of any pop culture stuff like this either. Maybe it’s too fragmented now that there’s more than 3 TV channels.


  3. Oh, MAN – I had nearly all of these! I cut them up when I wanted to decorate my school folders, and I can’t tell you how I regret it. Didn’t the one with Nancy Drew have an article on tricking vans?


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