W. C. Fields, Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy Radio Feud


W. C. Fields on Radio, with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Columbia CS 9890. Columbia Hall of Fame Series. “The Classic Fields-McCarthy Battles.” This seems to have come out between 1969 and 1975. From the archives of Radio Yesteryear.

Charlie McCarthy was a wooden dummy and he had a long feud with W. C. Fields that delighted audiences. If you like insults tossed back and forth, you’d love this record.

3 thoughts on “W. C. Fields, Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy Radio Feud

  1. Today I turned on the comedy station on the satellite radio in my car, it’s a nice alternative to music. A while back I caught some old time comedy. There’s something to be said for this kind of entertainment. In the home we have so many other distractions, TV, computer, video games, etc. that it doesn’t usually stand much of a chance.


  2. Hi,
    Wondering what you’re asking for the WC Fields-Charlie McCarthy Feud? I’m putting together a “Remember To Laugh” NFP comedy show for older audiences in assisted living/nursing homes and I think many of them probably remember these broadcasts. Thanks, Mark Bruce.


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