Vintage Musical Multiplication for Kids on 45s

Musical Multiplication records
MusicalMultiplication 078MusicalMultiplication 077

Musical Multiplication Tables by Bremner Davis Educational Systems on 45 RPM records. In “Unbreakable Vinylite.” “Great for the New Math” …that my grandmother hated. “Catchy Tunes! Gay Jingles!” Has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and a Parents magazine seal as well. The cover looks maybe 1950s or 1960s, but the guy on the back, Billy Leach, is most certainly 1970s. I found these listed in a record price book and they were worth $40 in NM for the originals. Also, I don’t think mine are NM, but probably VG+ as the cards are somewhat mutilated. We bought them at a garage sale for $.50 because we homeschool. A good article on them is at The Journal of Antiques.



14 thoughts on “Vintage Musical Multiplication for Kids on 45s

  1. musical multiplication tables by bremner davis…interested in purchase. Please respond via e-mail at Musicalparenting


  2. I have a small collection of records (45s), alot of books and some antique pictures and a few other items that I am curious about.


  3. I meant to say that I have some other antiques that I would be interested in selling and a curiosity of the value.


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