Caifanes La Negra Tomasa EP

Caifanes La Negra Tomasa EP cover

Caifanes, La Negra Tomasa, RCA SL-7184. 1988. I bought this disk in Monterrey, Mexico. We were at a store buying water and I was thumbing through some albums when I saw this one. This was back when I had spare cash to buy an album based solely on the cover or the band name. And I did that quite a bit. I picked this one up and it’s really quite good. I just listened to it again recently and it has held up well. According to Wikipedia, Caifanes was one of the first Mexican rock bands to sing in Spanish. This disk is not listed in the discography there, so someone should add it if they know how.


7 thoughts on “Caifanes La Negra Tomasa EP

  1. I own about 600 albums. And about 400 CDs. I keep trying to get rid of a bunch, then somehow, I end up gathering more. With albums, sometimes people just give them to me because they don’t have a way to play them.


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