The Johnny Cash TV Show on Vinyl

Johnny Cash  Show Album
Johnny Cash show back
Johnny Cash liner
Johnny Cash sleeve

The Johnny Cash Show, Columbia KC 30100. 1970. The cover is hard to see in this photo, but it looks like a photo of a TV with the lines that you get if you take a picture of a standard tube-type television. Recorded live at the Grand Ole Opry with the Tennessee Three, the Statler Brothers, and of course, The Carter Family. A pretty good album. I’d call the inner sleeve a bonus. You can order a huge poster, 22×33 (that’s almost a meter long for anyone outside the US), for only $1.50. What would that poster be worth now?

I don’t find this album in CD, but there are DVDs of the TV show. It was a pretty standard variety show that they used to have back when entertainers were interesting and there were plenty of them around. Check it out. Buy it or watch it on Netflix.


2 thoughts on “The Johnny Cash TV Show on Vinyl

  1. That’s really cool. It seems like at one time there were many entertainers with their own variety shows. Of course, those were the days that entertainers actually were entertaining.


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