Everything New is Old Again


Well, after some issues getting logged in after moving the blog, I am wondering about starting up again. Any comments? Thoughts? I’ve got quite a bit to start posting, between albums, magazines, and the boxes of junk I’ve collected. What do you want to see? More history of the items? Info? Stuff for sale? Absolutely nothing looking like it’s for sale? Thoughts on history, TV, movies, music?

I’m also considering moving back to blogger since some idiot stole retrohound.wordpress.com and I can’t figure out how to get wordpress.com to use retrohound.com. Blogger will let me do that. Any thoughts?

Trying this again!


Someone has stolen retrohound.wordpress.com, so I’ll see if I can get this linked to retrohound.com to keep it easy.  I can’t get a hold of my server guy for my old blog so I don’t know if I’ll be able to move any content or if I’m starting over from scratch.  I’ve got so much stuff to post, but not nearly enough time, but I’m ready to give it a go again after not posting since January.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you like and don’t like as far as what I post, the layout, etc.  Thanks!

Revell Modelers Club and even better Revell Master Modelers Club!

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Revell Modelers Club Certificate
KIC Image 0002

I used to build quite a few models back in the day. Not a ton, I certainly knew kids who did more and better than I, but it was something I enjoyed. Here’s a couple of certificates from the Revell Modelers Club. Don’t know exactly what years they are, but I would guess late 1970s. Possibly early 1980s, but more likely ’70s. I wish I still had some of those catalogs. I built mainly cars, but also WWII planes and a couple of ships.

Spacious Skies and Waving Grass – A Kansas Centennial Album


Kansas Centnial Folk Music

Kansas Centenial Folk Music

The Blue Notes (or Bluenotes), Spacious Skies and Waving Grass, the Official Kansas Centennial Folk Song Album. Design/Art for Living, 1961.

I’m on the new server and still messing with stuff trying to get it right. Thanks for your patience. Also, be sure the check out my eBay stuff, I’m going to try and unload a ton of stuff, so if you see something on the site here you like, let me know. We can make an arraingment. I’d rather sell from here, as if I sell on eBay, I loose 12-15% of the total to eBay and Paypal. Blech.